Reservation Policies

The Equipment Reservation Office has in place a series of regulations to ensure that all equipment may be used fairly, equitably and professionally among the communications student body.

Reservation Process

All equipment reservations must be made 24 Hours in advance, NO EXCEPTIONS. Professors will also not be able to grant permissions if your request is not submitted 24 hours prior to your desired pickup date. This rule is to ensure that all students have equal access to equipment and is especially enforced during midterm and final exam season. Please plan in advance. Thank you for your understanding!

While You Are Renting Equipment

LOANING gear to your peers is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Under no circumstances can you turn the gear you rent under your name and credentials over to your classmates, friends, etc. The equipment you rent in your name you are responsible for financially and in all other respects for as long is it is out of the office. If you pass your equipment on to someone other than yourself, you DO NOT pass on your responsibility for its safety and proper usage.

Late Return Policies

Returns which are 30 minutes past their return time will be considered late and subject to a $10 late fee per day the equipment is not returned.
 Ex: Sam reserved gear at 10:00AM on 1/15/19 for 1/16/19 at 10:00AM. Sam selected that he would return is gear on 1/17/19 at 9:30AM. If Sam returns his gear 30 minutes after 9:30PM (10:00AM), he will be charged a late fee.
Please visit the link below for the late fee payment site.
 If you have any questions regarding the equipment reservation policy, please email or come see an equipment manager during office hours.OANING